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How To Make Your Skin Glow Overnight

Have you ever wanted to wake up with glowing skin? I know, sounds crazy, but here is how to make your skin glow overnight. To simply rise and shine and shine is the dream we all have, and it is more attainable than you might imagine. 

As we learn more and more about skin health and maintenance, waking up with healthy, glowing skin can be a daily occurence once you find the right routine for you!

Now, with the caveat that we all have different skin, there will not be a one size fits all path to glowing skin. 

Tools needed to make skin glow

In addition, there are lifestyle factors that contribute to skin health. Unbalanced diets, excessive alcohol, irregular sleep, and more can all impede your efforts towards glowing skin. 

Some of our lucky friends can happily ignore those elements, but for those who cannot, it’s a good idea to keep those elements in mind.

skin care routine with friends

So, if you manage to control all those outside elements to a reasonable extent, your path to glowing skin starts the night before. To state the obvious, what you do before falling asleep affects how you wake up. 

So what should you do? On a basic level, glowing skin starts with the right protecting and cleansing routines. The biggest impact then comes from how you moisturize! Let’s start at the beginning though before we get to that.

Protect Your Skin

It is so hard to resist going for the summer tan, and science does show that exposing your skin to the sun is part of a healthy life. The vitamins you get are essential to your function, and it just improves your mood.

However, as always, there can be too much of a good thing. Sun damage to the skin is a really big roadblock on your journey to glowing skin.

Don't skip the sunscreen

Therefore, applying sun protection daily is absolutely necessary, so make it your mission to find the right sunscreen for you. Apply even when you think you will be mostly indoors! 

Nowadays there are just so many amazing, lightweight, and effective sunscreens on the market. You do yourself a real disservice if you ignore what is out there. We have a few favorites, so allow us to recommend some to you!

Cleanse Your Way to Glowing Skin

Make it a habit

Always cleansing your skin before bed is the next key step in the process. You don’t need us to tell you that, usually your skin will!

We have all been there. You are exhausted after a night out with friends and you just want to fall asleep. We forgive you, but your skin maybe will not be as lenient!

how to make your skin glow overnight

We know those extra minutes to clean your skin can feel like a burden, but try to make it a fun habit. You will be happy with the results, we promise.

Gentle is Best

For those prone to breakouts or acne, or even just a spot or two here and there, it can be tempting to try out harsh cleansers. 

Unfortunately, these often do more harm than good for your skin. They leave you dry, damaged, and more vulnerable to further issues. Leave the strong stuff to the professionals like us, and keep it gentle at home!

This applies to everyone universally. By overly stripping away skin, harsh cleansers make your path to glowing skin more difficult than it needs to be in reality.

So, what cleansers should you use? Start with any cleanser on the market that focuses on gentleness, with some natural exfoliation if you wish. 

calming bath

You can check out our store for all the options out there, and feel free to brush up on what’s what at this link here! If moisture is the concern, as it is for so many of us, a cleanser that incorporates hyaluronic acid is a great choice!

Go the Natural Route!

Or, if you prefer, you can find your own natural cleanser that works for you! There are few that people swear by, including Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Coconut, and even Papaya based cleansers. 

Natural lotion

However, it can be just as much a challenge to find the right proportions for these natural cleansers, as it is to find the right cleanser on the market. In that regard, the best cleanser is really left up to testing and personal preference!

Moisture to Get You Glowing Overnight

Your skin tells you what it needs, and it almost always needs more moisture. This is the real secret to overnight magic!

The hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the cleansers we use to clean our skin at the end of the day, while necessary, strip moisture from the skin and can leave it dull and dry. Not the way to glowing skin that’s for sure!

Moisture overnight

So, how do we get that needed moisture and deliver it to our skin? As we talked about above, clean your face in your preferred way to prepare your skin for the next step. Then, find the way your skin prefers to have moisture added to it and stick to it!

Ask one of our experts to find the right facial cream, oil, or moisturizer for you! Or, you can seek out products that use these natural methods and/or DIY it yourself, until you find the right one for you!

  1. Lemon

What a surprise! Lemon & Honey recommending lemon as a way to glow-ify your skin? Trust us, lemon can do wonders to make your skin glow

how to make your skin glow overnight

Whether in products, such as ones available at our store, or in natural DIY use, applying lemon to the face before bed can act as both an astringent and a nutrient boost. Lemon also can help lighten spots and blemishes on the skin. 

These benefits are most effective when incorporated into creams, but they can still find benefits when simply applying fresh lemon juice with a cotton ball, and following with your chosen moisturizer. 

We should note that to avoid any side effects, lemon should almost always be applied before bed. Sun and lemon on the skin do not mix!

  1. Honey and Fuller’s Earth

Let us keep the ball rolling on the natural side of things with honey. There’s a reason it is the other half of our name! Thank the bees (and save them!) for making such a miracle substance that we can re-engineer as an amazing facial ingredient.

Honey for how to make your skin glow overnight

How can you use it most effectively? There are a multitude of face masks that use honey that you can find on the market. You can also DIY it with facial packs made of honey and fuller’s earth

Honey, for those unaware, has natural antimicrobial properties. By using honey as part of your nightly routine, you can protect your skin and prevent damage

Consistent use has even shown to repair damage as well! That is really saying something for such an abundant natural substance! 

After applying the honey and earth, massage into your face for a few minutes, and then gently rinse off with cold water.

  1. Massage with Facial Oils

Massaging your face with an essential oil in upward, circular motions delivers key nutrients and moisture right where they are needed most. 

It may sound crazy for those that struggle with oily skin, but it really does work wonders! So give it a try if you want to really pack moisture into your skin!

Pick from simple choices like olive or avocado, or go the more excotic route with options like rosehip or sea buckthorn. There are many, many popular options on the market today, as more people recognize the benefit an oil massage brings. 

checking skin in mirror

Apply and massage in the oil after cleansing and using a toner for best results. Wait for your skin to absorb it, and you will wake up amazed at the results!

It does not hurt to ensure the oil has not been diluted with other ingredients! As always, spot test for sensitivity before you commit! 

With nightly applications, oil should leave your skin glowing in the morning!

  1. Raw Milk Face Packs

Raw milk is another natural facial moisturizer that can have your skin glowing after a good night’s sleep. Raw milk packs can be applied prior to bed, massaged until the skin absorbs the nutrients, and then gently washed off the face in the morning.

Raw milk is so effective for this purpose because it is enriched with all sorts of key nutrients like calcium and vitamins B12, B6, A and D2. These are regenerative nutrients that help hydrate and moisturize your skin. 

Face mask

What’s more, they can help repair, restore, and boost skin elasticity and collagen production. All of this combined makes it a truly effective facial ingredient!

Try mixing in other ingredients for big and glowing results. Lemon, honey, or even turmeric are good options. It is shocking how effective something as simple as raw milk can be towards the goal of waking up with glowing skin!

  1. Aloe Vera For Moisture and Repair

So many skin health products incorporate the powers of aloe vera because it is such an effective healing plant, so it makes sense you can also simply use the plant itself!

The gel you can extract from Aloe Vera is not just an excellent treatment for sunburn. It is also amazing at moisturizing your skin and helping you wake up radiant.

aloe vera

What is even better is that the gel you get right from the plant is all you really need. No other ingredients or emollients necessary! Just apply the gel to the face, let it absorb overnight, and wake up with refreshed skin!

Aloe has so many natural benefits that it can also tackle other skin problems at the same time as it moisturizes your skin. All of this contributes to glowing skin, so why not give this remedy a try?

In Conclusion

There are so many carefully crafted cleansers and creams, and so many amazing natural options out there to try to protect, cleanse, and moisturize your skin! 

This post only covers some of the amazing information out there, so feel free to ask us about anything you see or hear about! We love to give advice and even learn about new things ourselves!

We really believe you that you will be able to wake up glowing if you find the right routine and stick to it!

how to make your skin glow overnight

So don’t be discouraged if none of these feel right for you, keep exploring! The world of skin health is constantly growing and gaining knowledge of what works. 

Remember that we are all unique human beings worthy of respect. That means that we should respect our skin’s uniqueness as well! We are never going to have the one best routine for everyone, but you will find the best routine for you.

Maybe you’ll be the next person to discover a way to glowing skin! If you do, please give us here at Lemon & Honey a little shout out at the awards ceremony!

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New Faces Welcome

We can’t wait to welcome you in to experience Lemon + Honey luxury firsthand — sign up below to receive 20% off your first treatment.

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