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Custom Massage Therapy in orange county | LEMON & HONEY

Melt Away Your Stress, Pain and Fatigue

This ancient art of healing is brought to you by Lemon & Honey Day spa to treat a variety of health concerns and to ease muscle tension and mental fatigue. Our Unique approach to massage includes our signature opening and closing ritual with every treatment.

Massage therapy, so healing you will want to do it monthly.

Massage therapy has shown to combat the symptoms of adrenal fatigue caused by our modern 24/7 lifestyle: lethargy, sleep disturbances and chronic aches and pains.

The session begins with a relaxing essential oil inhalation to enhance calm and is followed by acupressure with warm hydrating foot treatment.

Melt away tension with shoulder hot stone treatment and a variety of massage pressures and types to choose from. Come early and enjoy our complimentary foot soak treatment which is hydrating, detoxifying and PH balancing.

Your body is unique

craft your custom massage experience

Your body is unique and so are the techniques our therapists use to craft your custom massage experience. First, select your foundational massage therapy below.

Personalize your treatment


Massage Enhancments

New Faces Welcome

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