HydraFacial MD®

Everyone wants beautiful skin, but more importantly, everyone needs healthy skin. One can’t exist without the other, after all.

With the HydraFacial MD® resurfacing procedure, your Lemon + Honey therapist will work to clear impurities and replenish your skin with the vital nutrients it’s craving to restore your skin to its healthiest state.

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Perfect for all skin types

Whether you’re looking to minimize pores or fine lines, increase elasticity, hydration and firmness, create a vibrant and even skin tone, or relieve oily and congested pores, the HydraFacial MD® treatment delivers immediate results and long-term benefits without downtime or irritation.

What is a HydraFacial?

Using award-winning, patented vortex technology to detoxify, rejuvenate and protect your skin, our targeted HydraFacial MD® protocols below help to mitigate some of the most common skin concerns, however, your Lemon + Honey Day Spa Skin Care Specialist will also assess your skin concerns and needs to provide you with a highly-tailored treatment.

Is HydraFacial right for you?

Yep. We don’t have a type. HydraFacial addresses all skincare needs.

  • Fine lines + Wrinkles
  • Elasticity + Firmness
  • Even Tone + Vibrancy
  • Skin Texture
  • Brown Spots
  • Oily + Congested Skin
  • Enlarged Pores

Platinum Treatment Options

Experience deep pore cleansing and smoother skin in just 30 minutes with the classic HydraFacial MD® treatment. Using a 4-step process with antioxidant and hyaluronic infusion, you can expect to see an instant improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin, and pigmentation.

Beginning with a diamond-tip microdermabrasion treatment to remove dull and dead skin cells, followed by a hydrating superfood deep cleanse, the Skin Perfecting HydraFacial is your go-to facial for luminous skin that will light up the room in any big event you’re attending. Once we’ve performed the superfood cleanse, we’ll use LED light to brighten your skin and boost collagen while the application of hyaluronic acid protects and hydrates.

** We recommend a six treatment series of the Skin Perfecting HydraFacial paired with an essential home care and sun protection regimen that intensify and maintain a radiant glow.


We found the Fountain of Youth! But we’re not keeping it a secret…with the Fountain of Youth HydraFacial, you’ll replenish and rehydrate your skin at a cellular level for a result that looks like you’ve magically turned back the hands of time during your treatment.

To begin the Fountain of Youth HydraFacial, we’ll start with a Superfood cleanse, followed by a red LED light treatment, which minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is followed by an application of a targeted Multi-Peptide Dermabuilder as well as horse chestnut extract to aid in boosting circulation, healing capillaries and reducing inflammation. Finally, we’ll lift, tone and contour using microcurrent technology.

Make the Royal Treatment a Monthly Habit

Pamper yourself like a Queen Bee when you become a member of Lemon + Honey Day Spa or purchase one of our Platinum Facial Treatment packages. Who says a monthly routine of luxury has to break the hive?

Flush out impurities causing dull or sallow skin and reveal a revamped and radiant complexion. The Purity Detox HydraFacial begins with lymphatic drainage to rid toxins, followed by a custom probiotic cleanse to instantly perfect pores and rid the skin of harmful acne-causing bacteria, as well as LED light therapy, and a Multi-Peptide Dermabuilder to reduce fine lines. Finally, we’ll top off your purifying HydraFacial with a hyaluronic treatment to firm and infuse hydration into your newly revitalized skin.

Defy signs of aging and renew your youthful glow with the regenerating Platinum HydraFacial. 

First, you’ll experience an enzymatic cleanse and lymphatic drainage therapy to encourage detoxification of your skin followed by a classic HydraFacial MD® Treatment with a stronger glycolic peel. Then, you’ll select your choice of receiving a microcurrent or oxygen treatment, and experience a customized treatment mask, signature hot stone hand, arm, neck and shoulder massage, Multi-Peptide Dermabuilder and hyaluronic infusion and finish with an LED light treatment.


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