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The HydraFacial Treatment Guide

What is the Hydrafacial?
The HydraFacial is a powerful and advanced treatment that helps to address a wide array of skin concerns, like dark spots/pigmentation, fine lines/wrinkles, and acne. The HydraFacial utilizes a wand that helps to suction all the dirt, debri, and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, while simultaneously infusing your skin with nourishing peptides and antioxidants.

What’s the Difference Between a HydraFacial and Microdermabrasion?
We get this question asked a lot. Most people are under the assumption that the HydraFacial and microdermabrasion are the same treatment, but it definitely isn’t. While they have similarities, they are two completely different treatments. I like to think the HydraFacial is the power washer of facials while the microdermabrasion is the sandblaster. We know the hydrafacial provides a much gentler exfoliation than microdermabrasion. Both facials exfoliate the skin, but microdermabrasion does this by removing the superficial layer of skin, generally with a fine powder of crystals. The HydraFacial uses its patented vortex technology to loosen up dead skin achieves a more gentle exfoliation (protecting that acid mantle) and even takes it a step further by extracting and delivering serums composed of hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, antioxidants and peptides.

Do HydraFacials Get Rid of Blackheads?
Yes! HydraFacials can effectively remove blackheads due to the vortex extraction tip and its extraction solution, the hydrafacial is able to loosen and suck out debris trapped in your pores. While you may notice the suction feel gentle, the vortex tip is very powerful and effective. You will see a noticeable difference of your pores after the extraction process is complete.

How Long Is the HydraFacial Process?
Depending on the type of HydraFacial, it will vary. At Lemon + Honey, HydraFacial treatments are scheduled between 30-60 min depending on the type of Hydrafacial you book. Length is also increased if you add on features such as enhanced modalities or arm and shoulder massage.

How Long Do HydraFacial Results last?
You will see instant results right away after your HydraFacial. Your skin will be hydrated, refreshed, and a noticeable reduction in clogged pores will be present. Typically, the super-clean feeling that you get from the HydraFacial can last about 1-2 weeks. Some people are a little pink immediately after but it does calm down afterwards, so we recommend for optimal results to schedule a day before a big event. Your best day is the day after the hydrafacial and results will continue to stay fresh and glowing for up 4 weeks after your treatment.

How Often Should You Get a HydraFacial?
For the best long-term results, we recommend periodic sessions of 1-4 weeks. You can do a HydraFacial as often as weekly but many choose a monthly treatment plan to help to maintain the results and keep your skin feeling and looking healthy and radiant!

Are There Any Side Effects to HydraFacials?
This is a minimally invasive treatment, but you might experience some pinkness straight afterwards. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Give it a day and you’ll be back to normal, just with much cleaner and healthier skin!

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