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Summertime Makeover Tips Featuring the Hydrafacial

Summer during covid has finally arrived, but many of us have barely noticed the change in weather. I mean, where are we traveling to? Since work from home has increased, more and more people are finding themselves in an emotional rut—stuck in between needing more self-care and overwhelming stress. Even more so with the weather change and the increase in mask-wearing, our skin is behaving like we may have never experienced.

Usually, we switch our routines and wardrobe from summer to winter as the humidity and heat play a factor. But the seasonal switch isn’t just for your wardrobe, it’s also all about chasing that glow. Your skin needs different things in the summertime when humidity is higher and the sun is stronger, than what it needs in drier, colder months.

Seems obvious, right? But now we have to consider a whole new set of changes. Not only are we dealing with the normal seasonal changes to our skin, but now we have increased stress, diet changes, and topping it off with mask-wearing. It’s a whole new world for your skin and even more reason you need to be re-evaluating your skincare routine!

Covid-19 has made us evaluate a lot of our lifestyle and helped us to re-evaluate what is important. But more than ever it feels like a sign for us to finally make this year the year we commit to a seasonal glow-up. Lemon + Honey is giving you our top tips for a summer glow-up and it’s not too late to get started! 

Keep reading for three summer skin-care tips our team wants you to know before starting a new routine.

Summer Skin-Care Tips

Coming out of winter, you might be struggling with skin that feels sandpaper-adjacent—but that doesn’t mean you want to clog your pores with heavy formulas, either. Instead, integrate a few key staples like Eminences Calm Skin Chamomile Cleanser with the Soothing Chamomile Toner extract (to help smooth) and Propolis Toner from Epicuren (to heal & hydrate).

To ensure all over hydration, Dermaquest’s B5 Essential Hydrating Serum also contains hyaluronic acid, along with b5—a combo that both helps add hydration and protect your barrier against dryness. This is a booster great for under any moisturizer.

Now that your summer hydration is taken care of, you’ll want a lightweight moisturizer that can go even further (without that icky don’t-want-to-touch-my-face feeling), like the Mangosteen Gel Moisturizer from Eminence. This moisturizer is lightweight, antioxidant rich and helps to improve skin tone, minimize pore size and create a smoother revitalized complexion, while feeling silky smooth during application.

SPF is a “duh” when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun. Is sunscreen the final piece of your skin-protection puzzle? We happen to love Dermaquest’s Sheer Zinc SPF 30. A lightweight application that offers full spectrum protection. 

You’re hydrated and protected—now it’s time to take control of your skin’s future. In the treatment room we recommend a hydrafacial treatment to top off your routine and get you set for an all out glow! Don’t know much about Hydrafacial? Check out our blog “Why Celebrities are Loving Hydrafacial” by clicking here. 

Finally, let’s zoom in: with our complementary Zoom Virtual Consultations. If your skin is extra complicated we can customize a routine that’s just perfect for you. The chances that your skin and issues are unique just to you is not unusual to guess, you’ve always been a diamond amongst the rough. 

About to start that very important zoom call: You’ve got the dress (check), the fancy zoom background (check), and the blueprint for your top-notch glow (double check). Please hold while we upgrade your skincare routine.

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