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Lemon + Honey Day Spa In Villa Park.


Paige Campbell

Lead Esthetician, Hormonal Acne Specialist and Ingredient Specialist

With 3+ years experience, Paige has been with us since the start of her professional skincare career. However, her passion for healing and treating skin became established long before when she began navigating her journey with cystic acne. Now she helps her clients do the same with the assistance of her treatment expertise and personal experience. Paige is also our allergy pro who can speak to food allergens and sensitivities along with treating their subsequent skin concerns.

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Rebekah Zepfel

Owner, Esthetician, Skincare Consultant and Pigmentation Specialist

Specializing in advanced skincare consultations, Brazilian waxing, microdermabrasion, and Oxygen Facials, it’s easy to see why Rebekah is our Queen Bee at Lemon + Honey. And, well, she’s also the owner! With over 15+ years experience, Rebekah has expansive knowledge and comprehensive experience with a wide array of products and treatments, allowing her to lead Lemon + Honey in providing highly effective skincare solutions as well as creating excellent experiences for every client who walks through our doors.


Jessica May

Esthetician Specializing in Brows, Full-Body Waxing and Acne Healing Treatments

With the foundation of her 15+ years as an esthetician spent at some of the most notable brow brands in the beauty industry, we consider Jessica our “brow guru.” However, her talent doesn’t stop there as she’s also a pro at bringing her clients glowing skin from their head to their toes whether that be through an acne-clearing facial, microdermabrasion or full-body waxing. Jessica also has a love for holistic healing practices and will often use pressure point massage throughout her treatments.

Tracey Black Osborn

Tracy Black

Esthetician Specializing in Ultimate Facials and Hydra Facial MD

With 11 years of esthetic industry experience including being an esthetician, educator, and spa manager, Tracy brings a wealth of knowledge to the Lemon + Honey team. While she does perform nearly every service available at Lemon + Honey, Tracy’s real sweet spot is with facials, especially those that involving electric modalities (we suspect it’s her med spa background at play!). In addition to her spending her time soaking up all the continued esthetic education she can, Tracy also loves spending time with her sweet family, which includes three boys!


Faith Ontiveros

Esthetician Specializing in Facials and Waxing

As an esthetician with 10+ years under her belt, it comes as no surprise that Faith did her research before joining the Lemon + Honey team to make sure that she aligned with our philosophy of skincare science meets holistic health. Thankfully for our clients and us, she found us to be the perfect fit, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on the team helping to perform a variety of treatments from facials to waxing. With every treatment she provides, Faith’s ultimate goal is to make you feel at home and 100% at ease while helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. Outside of the spa, Faith is a huge animal lover and enjoys learning on just about any subject (seriously, she went to school for history)!

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Chasity Reynolds

Esthetician and Anti-Aging and Oxygen Facials + Microcurrent Specialist

With over 17 years experience as a licensed esthetician and a passion for skincare that sparked at ten years old, Chasity has built a reputation as the go-to skincare expert that extends far beyond her inner circle and clients. Although she specializes in treatments such as anti-aging and oxygen facials as well as microcurrent and brow shaping, Chasity also has extensive experience addressing a wide variety of skin concerns for clients of all ages, and particularly loves working with teens to help them establish a solid skincare routine and teaching them the principles they’ll need to support healthy skin for life. When she’s not in the treatment room, Chasity spends time with her two daughters living in a world where all things are girly all the time, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


Elaine Hirsch

Massage Therapist and Reiki Master

Having always felt intuitive to other people’s pain, when Elaine came to a career crossroads, she knew it was time to embark on her higher calling and become trained as a massage therapist. And now with over 20+ years experience, Elaine brings her healing gifts as well as her expertise as a Reiki master to be the first massage therapist and energetic healer on the Lemon + Honey team! In addition letting her natural intuition guide the course of her client’s treatment, Elaine also has extensive experience working in the areas of prenatal massage, reflexology, and sports and occupational injury. Outside of the spa, Elaine loves spending her time hiking, doing Bikram yoga and making memories with her four grandchildren.

Kaelyn Large

Esthetician Specializing in Oxygen+, Ultimate Facials & Resurfacing Peels

After navigating her own struggle with acne, and subsequently falling in love with all things skincare, embarked on making her career in esthetics so that she could help others in their journey to holistically heal their skin by giving you the tools to be radiantly confident. While is a specialist for all of our Anti-Aging, Oxygen+ and Ultimate Facials, she’s also a passionate student of the industry and expert communicator (that’s actually what her degree is in!) who loves to learn and share about the latest techniques and science in skincare. She would love to help you build a routine to address any of your skin concerns to help you feel confident about taking care of you skin! Outside of Lemon+Honey, you’ll find Kaelyn enjoying the California sunshine at the beach, a concert or exploring new coffee shops around Orange County!

Jami Longo

Esthetician + Anti-Aging, Oxygen Facials and Peels Specialist

With a holistic approach to life and well-being, Jami brings her love for wellness into the treatment room where she works to address her clients’ skincare concerns and goals from the inside out. After managing a spa for two years, as well as being a Lemon+Honey member and experiencing the transformative power of monthly facials and the right skincare regimen, Jami’s passion for esthetics was ignited! Now, in addition to helping her clients achieve their skin goals, she enjoys providing the opportunity to turn off the noise of the outside world to focus on self-care and inner-peace. When she’s not working with clients, Jami enjoys connecting with nature and continued education (she’s currently working on her Reiki certification!).

Sarah Yorba

Esthetician +Oxygen Facials and Microcurrent +Sensitive Skin Specialist

At the core of Sarah’s passion for skincare lies the ability to make her clients glow with unshakable confidence. With a personal skin history involving acne as well as skin sensitivities sparked by allergies, Sarah wholeheartedly understands what it feels like to be discouraged by yet another inflamed breakout or adverse reaction. And together with her client, she works to provide a comforting space to work through their skin concerns and set them on the path to transformation. When not in the treatment room, Sarah likes to focus on her own self-care through meditating or practicing yoga.
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