Benefits of Monthly Facials

There are a multitude of benefits that a professional facial can offer. The majority of people will just wait until they encounter a problem with their skin (breakouts, aging, dark spots, dry skin) to seek out professional help. While it is perfectly fine to do this, these problems can be prevented by receiving monthly facials and following a skin care regime that is best suited for your skin type.
Ideally, it is best to get a facial once a month, unless you are attempting to attack a specific concern, then maybe you would need to get a series of treatments. The reason behind getting monthly facials is that your top layer of visible skin renews itself approximately every 28 days. At the same time, the old cells die out and work their way to very top of your skin, where they are discarded. Receiving monthly facials helps to get rid of the old skin cells that are built up, which will result in a clear complexion.
At Lemon and Honey Day Spa we can all agree that the top benefits of getting monthly facials are as follows:
Facials Can Clear Up Your Pores. A professional treatment will give you a good cleanse, one that you simply can’t achieve on your own. A deep cleanse can help to maintain clear skin and stop acne from forming.
Increased Circulation. Facials increase circulation of the blood under the skin, helping to facilitate the renewal of skin cells.
Proper Extractions. We are all guilty of popping a pimple or two, but when not done properly you risk the chance of scarring. Professional extractions will help keep your skin clear, as well as assisting in the long-term prevention of skin damage.
Facials Can Promote Collagen Production. A great facial can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles and promote collagen production, which helps in preventing premature sagging, aging, and wrinkles.
Facials Slow the Aging Process. Facials reduce fine lines, age spots, and relieve dehydrated skin. With the use of exfoliation, massage, and the penetration of nutrients and antioxidants, facials also fight to reverse aging.
You’ll Find Out What Is Wrong With Your Skin. Everyone’s skin changes over time depending on weather, age, and even hormones. What might have worked in the past, may not work now. So, it’s a good idea to consult with an expert to help address those changes in your skin.
Your Skin Will Feel and Look Amazing. Facials allow your skin to feel healthier, smoother, and look more radiant. Monthly facials will help you to achieve desired skin health.
Lemon + Honey Day Spa features experienced and knowledgeable Master Estheticians on hand to properly analyze, educate and treat your skin. Book your first treatment and discover what you have been missing out on.

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