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The 4-Step Spray Tan Guide [Update 2021]

4 things to know before spray tan

Everything You Should Know Before Your First Spray Tan

So, you’re thinking about getting your first-ever spray tan? We have everything you should know if you want that “sunbathed on the beach for hours” glow, minus the part where you actually went to a beach – we get it! Discover all the benefits of getting your first spray tan. Here is the perfect guide for you to learn what you can do to avoid a splotchy first tan experience.

As summer quickly approaches and travel restrictions are slowly being lifted across the globe, more and more people are on the hunt for a safer alternative to traditional tanning methods. It’s no secret that sunbathing and tanning beds can cause painful sunburns, unwanted wrinkles, accelerated aging, and even put you at risk for certain skin cancers.

Here is how a spray tan works and what you should be paying for your first visit.

A spray tan is a sunless alternative to a glowing bronze looks, it is a wonderful way to get an instant tan without the harmful aftermath of sun-damage. We did our research and you can expect to pay anywhere from $45-$150 depending on your zip code.

At Lemon and Honey Day Spa, we help you achieve the exact look you want without breaking the bank. We offer top line equipment, top-shelf products, and professional expertise. Our team of experts will ensure your first spray tan experience is seamless and flawless. But before you book that appointment, we’re sure you have a few questions!

Here’s 4 things you need to know about spray tans before you book your first tan with us:

4 things to know before spray tan

1. How to Prepare For a Spray Tan? Start With a Clean Canvas.

One of the secrets to a flawless tan is to remove any unwanted hair prior to your appointment so the tan has no trouble adhering to your skin.

2. Before You Tan Be Sure to Exfoliate. We Recommend You Use a Gentle Exfoliator.

This ties into the tip above. Exfoliating before will get rid of any dead skin cells or rough, dry patches so your spray tan results are as smooth as can be. This also ensures your tan will last longer.

3. Wondering What to Wear to Your First Spray Tan? We Recommend You Wear Dark, Loose-fitting Clothing.

Immediately following your spray tan session, there is a chance that the solution could rub off on clothing. To avoid this as much as possible, we recommend wearing loose clothing that you wouldn’t mind dirtying up a bit (in other words, don’t wear your favorite date night dress to the appointment!). The solution will wash off everything but white spandex but we don’t want any lines or marks left into the skin from clothing that is too tight.

4. Bare Skin to Start Ensures the Best Application. So Remember: No Lotion, No Makeup, Just Clean Bare Skin.

Lotions and makeup can act as a barrier to the tanning solution. For best results, we suggest showing up to your appointment as bare as possible!

Before and after

Wondering what tips for after your spray tan? View our blog on taking care of your spray tan after care for amazing results blog. Also need to know how to get rid of a bad spray tan? Click here.

During your spray tan session with Lemon & Honey experts you may have a few questions. Here is our list of FAQ’s on spray tan. During your first treatment our spray tan specialists will walk you through everything at the start of your appointment and the two of you can decide on the spray tan color that works best for you! Click here to book your spray tan appointment with one of our experts!

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