Dry Skin Blues? 5 Tips from Amanda your sure to love!

During the winter months our skin might feel a little parched even down right flakey! Here are Amanda’s tips to push your skin out of hybernation!
1. Invest in a Moisturizer! A truly healing moisturizer or serum will feed your skin vitamins,
and moisture keeps your skin looking youthful and healthy.
2. Exfoliate! Sloughing and polishing the skin helps with cell turnover and optimizes hydration penetration.
3. Drink Water! Plenty of water all day will help your skin’s internal hydration. Try adding lemon or cucumber for even better results.
4. Switch your Cleanser! If your cleanser is drying or your skin feels tight after cleansing switch to a cream or oil based cleaser. These cleansers tend to leave a protective layer of hydration behind for extra protection.
5. Monthly Facials! For the best results monthly facials will keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

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