Lemon + Honey Day Spa Announces New Staff Member!

Cassi Brobst comes to us with a true passion for healing and treating all of your skin problems. Having suffered from acne in the past she knows exactly what you’re going through. Not only has she healed away her own acne but she is willing and able to assist you with your breakout concerns! She comes to us with an extensive training in speed waxing. She is a wax expert and loves waxing revealing your bare beautiful hairless skin!
Cassi Brobst is loved by the facial obsessives everywhere. She has been helping men, women and teens of all ages get beautiful results for their unique skin types for more than 8 years. Call now and book a waxing or one of our Signature lemon + honey Facials with Cassi. Don’t know what your skin needs? Just ask Cassi!
Visit us at www.lemonhoneydayspa.com to book online or call 949-735-0122 to schedule!

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