What happens if you over-inject your face?

When excessive facial volumization is done to younger patients the contours of the face become angular, making the face look older. It gives an abnormal fullness that doesn’t look "age appropriate".

Volume makes of world of difference on the face when it comes to looking youthful and healthy, especially when fat has been lost. However, overfilling with either fat or injectables will automatically draw the eye to the treated areas. The rest of the face can appear undervolumized, when they really may not be.
Opt for a different way to help prevent the signs of aging by doing MICROCURRENT FACIALS.
It provides a current through the applicators that are applied to the face. Because of aging, environment, sun, diet, medical issues and more, the body slows down. This is a "reboot" of the electrical system in your body that could stimulate the production and storage of collagen and elastin. Some results also include reduced dark circles or swelling under the eyes, fine and deep lines, shrunken pores, eyes and brows lift, cheeks sculpted, jawline tightens and skin looks bright and dewy.

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