Men's facials are here to stay!

"You spend at that time at the gym getting tone and fit, why leave it up to nature and luck to have great skin?"

The idea that facials are just for women is a thing of the past – men, start setting the bar for better skin! It is time to start taking care of your skin and allowing yourself to be pampered too! If you have the time and financial means to invest in a monthly facial, then do it! Facials are definitely worth it and sometimes at home skincare routines doesn’t cut it. Seeking professional help will allow for more of a personalized skincare regimen, that in the end will be beneficial for you mentally and physically.

While there are various reasons why investing in facials is beneficial, here are our some of our top reasons:

1. Create Smoother Skin for Better Shaves

2. Clear Up Any Problem Areas, Ingrowns or breakouts

3. Self care to reduce/prevent sun-damage and over-thickening of the epidermis

4. Helps to Relieve Stress

5. Brighten Complexion

6. Remove blackheads

7. Minimize pore size

If any of the above apply to you or your man, then booking your next facial at lemon + honey day spa will assist you in accomplishing your skincare goals. Facials are not just for women to read more… visit our blog click here or email us at and any of our knowledgeable customer service members will be happy to assist.