Melt Away Your Stress, Pain and Fatigue with Custom Massage Therapy

Your body is unique, and so are the massage techniques our therapists will use to craft your custom massage experience. 


At Lemon + Honey Day Spa, we’ll tailor your treatment to fit your specific needs and concerns, but first let’s select your foundational massage therapy…

Aromatic Alchemy Massage

A complete sensory experience that combines therapeutic massage with inhalation therapy featuring an intentionally curated blends of pure essential oils to help calm, energize or replenish the body, mind and spirit.

Hot Stone Healing Massage

Comfort and heal the body from head to toe with our traditional therapeutic stone massage, which enhances circulation and reduces inflammation, paired with inhalation therapy to relax and let your mind and muscle stress melt away. 

Deep Relaxation Massage

Sink into a state of deep relaxation with this fluid and flowing massage where we also infuse aromatherapy to ease fatigue and soothe a frazzled nervous system to restore you to a place of complete calm. 

Prenatal Care Massage

For expectant mothers during their second or third trimester, this specialty treatment safely improves circulation and eases the aches and pains commonly brought on by pregnancy, while a soothing skin treatment provides relief and TLC to stressed skin.



Using ancient and traditional acupressure therapy, you’ll experience grounding and balance as well as relief of muscle pain and discomfort as your therapist stimulates reflex points on the hands and feet. During this massage therapy, you may choose to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Deep Tissue Massage

Soothe sore muscles and relax stiff tendons and joints with our intensive deep tissue massage that incorporates inhalation therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and a Russian-style massage for an experience that delivers intense muscle and mind relief. 

Massage Therapy Enhancements

Customize your foundational massage therapy by layering in an enhancement to bring your benefits full circle. 
  • Hot Stone Circulation Therapy

Ease discomfort and soothe muscles using our traditional hot stone therapy to target up to three specific areas that need a little extra attention. 

  • Deep Muscle Vibration Therapy

Loved by elite athletes worldwide, our Deep Muscle Vibration Therapy uses HyperVolt™ percussion and vibration technology to target up to three specific areas that need help with tension and tightness. 

  • CBD Therapy

Significantly reduce the pain cycle associated with muscle tension and inflammation with the addition of a THC-free cannabidiol massage oil to your treatment. 

  • Hand + Foot Quench

Revive tired and dry hands and feet with focused attention on your extremities using our shea butter scrub and ultra-hydrating massage balm.

  • Moisture Drench

For the ultimate full-body skin conditioning that leaves your skin feeling like silk, we’ll start with a hypnotic massage using a warm, mineral-rich Seaweed wrap followed by a detailed massage using our Sea Fennel Massage Wax to deeply seal in moisture. 

  • Scalp Hydration Ritual

In this mesmerizing and deeply relaxing treatment, we’ll begin with an acupressure massage of the scalp using an aromatic essential oil blend of lemon and rosemary followed by a vigorous and tension-relieving neck, shoulder and head massage using our warm wild lime revitalizing scalp and hair oil that leaves your hair silky and shiny and scalp hydrated. 

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