Melt Away Your Stress, Pain and Fatigue with Custom Massage Therapy

Your body is unique, and so are the massage techniques our therapists will use to craft your custom massage experience. 


At Lemon + Honey Day Spa, we’ll tailor your treatment to fit your specific needs and concerns, but first let’s select your foundational massage therapy…

Massage Therapy Enhancements

Massage enhancements are a $25 add-on to any 60-min massage session and a $45 add-on to any 75-min massage session.

Please note that certain massage add-ons are only available at certain locations. Please make sure to specify the type of add-on upon booking.

  • Hot Stone Therapy

Ease discomfort and soothe muscles using our traditional hot stone therapy to target up to three specific areas that need a little extra attention. 

  • Deep Tissue

Created for athletes and stress relief, this intensive deep tissue massage incorporates inhalation therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and a Russian-style massage to relax stiff tendons and joints, while soothing sore muscles.

  • Scalp Hydration Ritual

In this mesmerizing and deeply relaxing treatment, we’ll begin with an acupressure massage of the scalp using an aromatic essential oil blend of lemon and rosemary followed by a vigorous and tension-relieving neck, shoulder and head massage using our warm wild lime revitalizing scalp and hair oil that leaves your hair silky and shiny and scalp hydrated. 

  • CBD Therapy

THC-free cannabidiol massage oil eases muscle tension and inflammation to significantly reduce the pain cycle.

  • Hand & Foot Quench

A focused shea butter scrub and ultra-hydrating massage balm revives tired hands and feet.