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The Top 7 Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

Massages are much more than just hands and oils. At some point, you’ve probably watched a movie or TV show and seen one of the characters lying flat on their stomach while a masseuse placed several circular, black stones on their back.

The stones you see are typically made of basalt, which is a type of volcanic rock that holds heat well. Once heated, the stones are between 130- and 145-degrees Fahrenheit. 

Although arranging the stones on clients’ backs is the most common method, the stones can also be placed on the stomach, chest, face, palms, and feet. 

Here are some of the amazing benefits hot stone massages offer:

• Alleviate muscle pain and stiffness

• Relieve stress and tension

• May reduce anxiety

• May help with depression

 • Improve sleep

• May decrease symptoms caused by cancer

• Helps to increase joint flexibility

We offer three different types of massages at Lemon + Honey: Refresh is our 55-minute massage; Rejuvenate, 75 minutes; and Replenish, which is our longest massage at 85 minutes.   You can personalize your experience by adding hot stones to your treatment. 

Hot stone massages are generally safe for everyone, except for children or those who are pregnant. The best way to know if a hot stone massage is right for you is to contact our team. We’re happy to learn more about your specific concerns and advise which massage therapy will be most beneficial for you. 

You can expect a calming and inviting environment at Lemon + Honey. Professionalism and cleanliness are top priorities – we clean and sanitize above state board minimum standards so you can relax knowing your health and safety are taken seriously. 

Head over to our website to review all of our massage options and book your next hot stone massage with one of our specialists!

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