We Found the Fountain of Youth

At lemon + honey, when we come across an anti-aging treatment that provides both immediate and long-lasting results, we get excited. And then we make it better.
We want each treatment to be tailored specifically to your skin. So we created an extraordinary, exclusive treatment – the Fountain of Youth HydraFacial. With the Fountain of Youth, you should expect to see your skin appear hydrated and smooth for a few weeks. After just one treatment, you will likely see more even and radiant skin!
Okay, so why are we so obsessed with the Fountain of Youth? Easy – immediate results that you can see and feel. You know what they say, “Look good and feel good.”
The Fountain of Youth uses a superfood cleanse, which is power-packed with some of the best nutrient-dense and detoxifying products that this industry has to offer. To make this treatment even better, it includes red light therapy, which helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. On top of that, this already amazing treatment includes an exclusive booster – dermabuilder. Dermabuilder helps to address fine lines, skin tone evenness and texture; while recharging the skin with a combination of peptides that will leave your skin appearing refreshed, plumped, and hydrated! To top it all off, the final step includes microcurrent technology. At lemon + honey day spa, we like to say that , “the microcurrent is a workout for your face.” Microcurrent helps to stimulate the facial muscles, which results in a more lifted and toned appearance. The end result will leave you speechless!
How awesome does this all sound? You can definitely count us in to book this treatment!

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