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Is Your Covid Skin Ready For a Makeover?

Right now you are probably sitting at home scrolling through Instagram posts and all you can think about is how painful your maskne is. If you’ve been experiencing an increase in acne due to wearing a mask, you are not alone! We have a blog full of great tips for what you can do at home to help your maskne, but ultimately some of us just need the help of an expert.

When time is limited and you’re just frustrated with your skin, the best thing you can do for your skin is to schedule a HydraFacial. The HydraFacial is our mack daddy of all skin care treatments and truly the best makeover solution for your mask-wearing, stressed out skin. Don’t let the discomfort of breakouts burden you anymore. In less than 30 minutes, you could be on your way to clearer and more comfortable skin.

When weighing your options and trying to determine what is the best facial to choose, you can be rest assured that we have first-hand experience with truly incredible results thanks to the HydraFacial.

We have our very own staff testimonial to prove it. One of our staff members has been experiencing a terrible maskne and it’s been very difficult for her to get her skin under control. Her once flawless and smooth skin is now riddled with acne and acne scarring. We call this PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. So, what did we do? We performed our Purity Hydrafacial treatment on her and wouldn’t you know it, less than a few days later she was jumping for joy because her skin was glowing and she had visibly clearer skin. 

If you can relate to her current skin issue, we recommend a treatment plan. A series of six is always ideal. We plan to set her up on a treatment plan as the masks aren’t going anywhere soon. We can do the same for you and we are happy to help your skin have the summer make-over it’s desperately needing.

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