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How to Walk Off a Flight Feeling Fresh and Dewy

1. Book Your Wax
Book a wax appointment at Lemon and Honey Day Spa ahead of time to enjoy having smooth skin throughout the entire trip and not have to worry about unwanted body hair. The best part? You won’t have to worry about needing a razor on your vacation!
2. Take a long luxurious bath beforehand
Make time for some relaxation before a long flight by enjoying a nice bath to soothe and calm your mind and prepare for that long flight ahead. Products we recommend to use: Naturopathica Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes and Lemongrass Mimosa Scrub. Then, end your bath with the Naturopathica Lavender Blossom bath and body oil!
3. In flight plan ahead
Prep one bag of 5-10 cotton rounds soaked in the Eminence 3-in-1 Cleansing Rice Milk toner, and another set of 10-15 cotton rounds soaked in the Eminence Herbal Makeup remover. Use in flight to remove makeup and dirt and not have to worry about feeling oily and sweaty.
4. Plan your serums
Plan ahead of time which serum would be best based on your skin concern (see groupings above). Make sure each serum is less than 4 ounces.
5. In flight relax
Take time for yourself and try using essential oils to relax. We recommend the Naturopathica Chill or Meditate essential oils. Also, use therapeutic eye covers to get that extra relaxed and refreshed look!
6. Bring along a moisturizer
We all get that uncomfortable dry skin during flying, so we recommend moisturizing you hands in flight with the Lemon + Honey moisturizer.
7. End of the flight
Things to do towards the end of the flight is refresh your skin by using an Eminence skin toner. We recommend the Stone Crop Mist for an overall hydrating look.
8. Don’t forget your SPF
If you are landing in day light don’t forget your SPF, if you are landing during the night then just skip this step. Try the Tinted SPF by Dermaquest or the Eminence Organics Sun Defense Minerals.
After such a long flight it’s great being able to feel amazing and look amazing too!

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