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Benefits of Facial Massage

Have you ever wondered why your skin is always glowing after a facial at Lemon + Honey, it’s not just to do with the serum, mask, or moisturizer that your esthetician applies; it’s our facial massage that literally lifts and awakens your skin. The right movements will boost circulation, drain your lymph glands – aka de-bloat your face – and lift the contours of your cheekbones.

The best part? It is super easy to do, and you’ll notice a major difference in your skin and facial shape – it’s like a natural facelift. Wow — who doesn’t want that?

How Does Facial Massage Work?

Facial massage works by applying pressure on acupressure points and by sweeping your fingers across your face in the right directions. You’ll move blood through congested areas, stimulate blood flow, and provide your facial muscles with more oxygen for recovery. 

The Benefits of a Facial Massage

Gets the Blood Flowing

Just like how when you work out, your blood gets pumping, facial massage works the same way. Continuous movement in your face will increase blood flow and oxygen to your skin. An increase in blood flow will help to depuff, brighten your complexion, and detoxify. Also, more oxygen to the skin means increase in collagen production and cell growth aka smooth and glowing skin.

It Creates a Toxin-Free Zone

There’s a lot of factors that play into the build-up within our skin (wearing makeup, not washing properly, pollution). It can contribute to puffiness, breakouts and dull skin. Doing at least one hour of facial massage will help to increase blood flow and flush out any waste or toxins in your skin. The gentle rubbing of the skin helps to clear the deep settled grime and impurities, which will leave your skin squeaky clean!

Improves Product Absorption

Massaging your skin will allow for the product to penetrate deeper. Don’t believe us? Think about it…if you just slap on your product without bothering to massage it in, it’s just going to lay on the surface of your skin. You want to get the most use out of your product. Massage it in and let it absorb into your skin.  

Tones Facial Muscles 

Most of us hold a lot of tension in our face. You probably didn’t even realize it, but the slightest facial expressions can cause your forehead or eye area to tense up, creating wrinkles and fine lines over time. All it takes is a few minutes of your day to massage away that built up tension. Make it a part of your daily routine,  whether that be in the morning or at night. Your skin will thank you later!

It’s Relaxing!

Most of us have encountered stress, anxiety or tension of some kind lately. Facial massage is a great way to relax and unwind. It’s great to just forget about the craziness going on in the world, even for a little bit.

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