A guide to Brazilian waxing

1. Let it grow. The ideal waxing length for hair? A quarter-inch, which typically means no shaving for three weeks.
2. Exfoliate the area using a soft Loofah & some gentle body wash – something hypoallergenic if you’re sensitive.
3. Wear a skirt or a loose covering.
4. Prep to be 10 mins early or at least on time.
1. Practice your butterfly pose.
2. Prepare talking points. Mindless chatter and deep breathing will give you something else to concentrate on.
3. Know it’ll hurt the first time but it will get better with regular waxes. Regular waxing will make the hair finer and the bulbs smaller.
4. And … there’s more yoga. To go totally bare — the crack is included! Yes, it is as awkward as it sounds but amazingly, you will barley feel anything.
1. Purchase a soothing serum. The area will be a little red and sore. Before bed, apply our Ingrown hair serum and you will wake up feeling way smoother than any shave. We have a fabulous hair serum with soothing aloe vera for your sensitive area.
1. Keep it clean. Pack towelettes for a quick cleanup. You’ll feel more confident.
2. Tip up. If you’re a 15 percent kind of girl, opt for the standard 18 to 20 percent. We’re talking lady parts here.
3. Wear a tampon. If you have your period, that is. Most techs don’t mind waxing at that time of the month (clear it with them first) and can work around the string. (Warning: It may hurt more since your skin is sensitive during your period.)
4. Do a skin check. A wax can be performed only on healthy skin. If you have a condition like psoriasis or an STD that causes sores, postpone your appointment until your issues have cleared.

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