A Brief History of Brows Through the Decades

Just like fashion fads, hair trends, and catch phrases, the shape and beauty of brows has shifted with time. 

And just like fashion, what once was a hit typically comes back in style within a few decades time, but being beauty experts, we do think there are a few brow shapes that will stay in the past (god willing…nobody needs a 90s brow revival).

As we approach the end of the year and the full-dive into a new decade, we were feeling nostalgic and thought it’d be fun see how brow beauty has evolved over the ages and what is currently the top way to take care of your arches (spoiler alert: we don’t see this being a flash-in-the-pan fad). 

The 1950s – High-Waisted Skirts, Heels, and High Arches 

During the pin-up era of the ‘50s where Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Jane Russell were the reigning queens of Hollywood and media, the trend of high-waisted skirts, high heels and high arches was the ultimate picture of beauty. 

Women added drama to their brows by penciling them in while shaping them to have high arches that added to their bold bombshell look. 

1960s Brows – Mod and Muted 

As the mod trends of the 1960s emerged, bold brows took a backseat to a heavier focus on lids and lashes. 

Stars and celebrity icons like Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot favored a more flat, short and thin brow shape that didn’t detract from preferred doe-eyed or cat-winged makeup looks. 

The exceptions were stars like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor whose statement-making bold brows were still a beauty symbol of the film industry. 

The 1970s – Peace, Love, and Personality 

The birth of disco and spur of widespread hippie culture paved way to two trends of brows on either end of the spectrum — ultra glam to grounded and earthy. 

Disco icons like Donna Summers and Cher brought glitz, glamour, and arches that were long, highly arched, and fiercely waxed and groomed without a hair out of place. 

Erring on the edge of natural beauty and shape were stars like Carly Simon, Brenda Sykes, and Ali MacGraw who embraced a free-flowing and naturally-shaped brows with more of their personal style emanating from their fashion choices. 

Brows of the ‘80s – Bushy and Beautiful 

Bold brows are back and bushier than ever before thanks to stars like Brooke Shields and Madonna. 

With everything being bigger (from hair height to shoulder pads) and bolder (neons and pastels being the reigning color palettes of choice) than ever, bold brows were easily embraced, but didn’t last for long…

The 90s Pencil-Thin, Barely There Brows 

As the last decade of the century, the 90s delivered a mish-mosh of trends from grunge’s hallmark plaid, black, and pocket chains to baby doll glam and crop tops thanks to Spice Girl invasion, there was a lot of variation happening in fashion, but brows tended to all fall into the same shape — over-plucked, rail-thin, and light arched brows. 

Unfortunately, that trend stuck around and followed us well into the early 2000s.

The Mid-2000s – The Elusive Era 

Throughout the mid-2000s toward 2010, we began to see brows thicken up a bit and take more of a natural shape and with less of a Sharpied-on look. 

From Beyoncé to Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani, thicker, yet maintained brows began to take center stage and have since become the prevailing trend we’re seeing today. 

(Let the record show that Beyoncé never had a brow catastrophe compared to Christina or Gwen, but Bey does get better with age, her brows included). 

Brows are Back for Every Face – 2010 to Today 

Now that we’re sitting squarely in the new century, it feels like we’ve worked out all the beauty kinks and finally settled on a brow trend that’ll never go out of style – natural framing for your face. 

Imagine, your natural brow shape, just enhanced, maintained with moderation, and with a filled, yet natural look…cue the shock and awe! 

Call it loving what your mama gave you, we don’t think that look will ever get old. 

However, as you get older, brows do need a little bit of a helping hand, which is why treatments like microblading, our Premium Brow Service and brow lamination are becoming some of the top brow treatments that takes away the need for daily pencil filling. 

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