8 Ways To Use Red Rose Tonique

What we love is the red rose tonique and here’s why:
1. Roses have wonderful skin benefits, you can use your tonique as a antibacterial treatment, great for use on breakouts to help them heal faster and prevent infection.
2. Use this tonique as an anti-inflammatory: Do you struggle with redness and inflamed irritated skin. Keep this tonique nearby and use daily to reduce redness and calm the skin!
3. This tonique is rich in vitamin C! We love Vitamin C for it’s abilities to tighten, lighten and brighten. An amazingly potent anti-oxidant.
4. Pore Tightener: Use to to tighten pores with oily skin due to it’s natural astringent properties.
5. Heal Sunburns faster: Were you out in the blistering heat and now suffering from a terrible sunburn. Spray the area with rose tonique and then layer soothing aloe over the entire area!
6. Have an extra special date or event? Use the tonique in your hair after you shower. Spray in your locks and leave in. They will smell amazing and your hair with have an extra glow.
7. Want to make your products more active. All eminence products are concentrated but add a spray of Rose Tonique to your moisturizer and activate your product with the added benefits of the tonique.
8. Make-up Prep and Set: Use to prime the skin before makeup and also use to set makeup after application.

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