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10 Skincare Tips For Wearing A Mask

Masks are our new norm. What does that mean for your skin? We have noticed that due to the increased use of facial masks different skin issues can arise like dryness, rashes and breakouts also mask lacerations from mask rubbing. Mask lacerations are the most harmful and have the potential to leave the most long lasting damage. So what can you do to prevent damage and heal damage caused by masks and take better care of your skin?

The main factor to keep in mind is our skin’s lipid barrier. The lipid barrier is what allows your skin to protect itself from bacteria and injury. The lipid barrier can be damaged or weakened from regular products that you may already use. The environment, pollution, and UV rays can also weaken your skin’s lipid barrier. It’s important during this time to do all things that will maintain the health or your lipid barrier and also help to repair a weakened barrier so that your skin can be protected.

Here are some of our go to tips to maintain your skin health while wearing a mask.

  1. Skip the face make-up all together. Due to humidity under mask conditions and possible lacerations combining makeup can cause you to develop allergies to your make-up. Also, the more things on the surface of your skin the more that can get trapped under the skin causing clogged pores and breakouts. We recommend emphasizing your eyes, but leave the face make-up behind. Bust out your favorite natural mascara! Check out Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara $19.50.
  2. Use a gentle cleanser. Too harsh of a cleanser can strip your barrier. While we wear masks we need all the good natural oils on your skin left behind to protect it. A gentle cream cleanser will get the job done but leave your skin soothed and protected. (Check out Eminence’s Calm Skin Cleanser or Naturopathica’s Chamomile Cleanser) 
  3. Next up add some protection.  Wear a barrier cream, balm, tincture, or oil while wearing a mask. While some dermatologists recommend using vaseline or a petroleum balm, we want you to avoid any possible pore blockages. A more potent and powerful balm will not only protect and heal your skin but leave your skin better than before. We recommend products with ingredients such as tea tree oil. In small doses it can help decrease breakouts. Also, products with olive oil, jojoba oil or avocado oil can be great on the skin to soften, heal and hydrate.  (We recommend Naturopathica’s Carrot Seed Oil, Eminence’s Recovery Oil, or Naturopathica’s Gotu Kola Intense Repair Balm) 
  4. Avoid micellar water, harsh astringents and foaming cleansers during this time as they can strip the barrier. If your toner leaves your skin feeling tight or dry after this could be a product that is too drying for your lipid barrier. (We recommend for you use a gentle toner, such as the Epicuren’s Colostrum Toner)
  5. Use antioxidant serums at night to replenish oxygen starved skin. Antioxidants help to prevent aging by preventing damage from free radicals. As you breathe into your mask, the skin within that area will receive less oxygen and be exposed to more free radicals. (We recommend Eminence Rosehip C&E or Eminence Stone Crop Serum or Bright Skin Serum)
  6. Did you know zinc sunscreen does more than just protect you from a sunburn? Zinc is known to help reduce inflammation, calm the skin, heal and hydrate. Along with protecting from a harsh burn zinc can also repair the skin once it’s damaged. Zinc sunscreen is a great day time under any face mask product to wear. We recommend a zinc baby sunscreen, this type of formulation will have the least irritating ingredients. We recommend products like Epicuren’s Zinc Spf or Dermaquest Sheer Zinc.
  7. It’s important to remember products with peppermint or spearmint can be irritating if worn under your mask. Avoid products including lip balms with mint or other ingredients that can be irritating (We recommend Naturopathica Cherry Lip Butter)
  8. Caution when using steroids, such as cortisone. If you are self treating you could be using the wrong products for the wrong symptoms. Some skin conditions that result from mask wearing can be made worse by steroids. When contemplating treating your condition with a steroid please consult a dermatologist first. 
  9. Products with arnica or specifically products with vitamin k oxide helps with bruising and increases skin healing. Check out Eminence’s Calm skin Serum or Calm Skin Masque. Also, most wholefood stores or mother’s, you can get an arnica cream that is easy to mix in with any of your serums, moisturizers and masque.
  10.  Sleep in a Masque to treat your skin overnight. This is an easy hack to do 1 or 2 times a week. The most important thing is to treat and heal your skin while you sleep. During your sleep is when your body and skin heals and repairs itself. The down time allows your skin to get all the benefits of the product all while you sleep. (We recommend Naturopathica’s aloe mask, Dermaquest’s hydrating gel mask, or Eminence’s  bright skin masque)

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